Consulting support

Our company provides consulting service as a type of partnership, in which we try to satisfy the needs of our partners for specialized information in the field of:

  • Tax law, accounting and reporting;
  • Accounting and financial reporting;
  • Effective interaction of the enterprise with the inspection authorities;
  • Business relationships.

Depending on the wishes of our clients, we provide written and / or oral advice.


Most of the significant projects in our practice started after a long period of consultation. Perhaps, in your case, ordering a consultation will be the most acceptable option for starting a relationship with an audit company.


To get confidence in the quality of our services, you can order one free answer in the feedback form, of a written consultation to any question related to your activity. The only limitation is that the time for preparing such a consultation should not exceed 30-40 minutes of the work of a company specialist.


Subscription service

Many of our customers choose a subscription as a type of consulting support. This means that subject to regular payments under the agreement, you get additionally:

  • a certain number of consultations in writing and by phone;
  • access to the literature in our library, as well as the ability to order a selection of information on an issue of interest.